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RVA Yeast Labs is committed to providing fresh and healthy yeast.

That’s why all pro pitches – any strain, up to 100 BBL – are made-to-order and available for your brew in 14 days or less, with shorter lead times available for our more popular strains.

Our yeast prices are based on a pitch rate of 0.5 million cells per milliliter of wort for each degree Plato and an original gravity of 1.061 (15 degrees Plato). This delivers 7.5 million cells per ml for batch size at pitch. At your request we can certainly customize your pitch to your specific gravity or desired pitch rate and prorate the price accordingly.


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Frequently asked questions

Typically we require a 14 day lead time as we would be growing these up fresh.  Orders placed in advance of our required lead time are greatly appreciated. If you need yeast more quickly it does not hurt to inquire as we can sometimes shorten that lead time with our more popular strains.

UPS ground or air service based on your preference, shipping costs and the need to maintain a cool environment during transit.

RVA 600 is our lone bacterial offering.  It is a pure culture of Lactobacillus rhamnosus which has been shown in clinical studies to have many beneficial effects when ingested. These are homofermentative (only produces lactic acid, no carbon dioxide or ethanol) and are hop-sensitive.  They respond well to kettle souring applications and decrease pH quickly in temperatures from 90 to 110 degrees F producing a pleasant perceived sourness that is clean and bright.  RVA 600 works well as a component in barrel and bulk aging applications as well. 

Request a quote to learn more about pricing.

We are always happy to create custom blends for mixed fermentations or other applications.  Just let us know what you are interested and we can work together to create your unique blend.

Yes! We will isolate a pure culture from your sample of yeast and keep it under ideal conditions in our negative 80°C Ultra-Low Freezer. We can then propagate your banked strain at your request and charge our standard rate. Contact us for more information or to request sampling and packaging supplies should you need them. The cost is $50 initially. A yearly maintenance charge will only be levied if you have not ordered your banked strain within a year.

Yes! Although we must temper our expectations in such a project, our native yeast capture service can be tailored to your goals as we work together to develop a unique terroir in your beer.

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