RVA 600 Lactobacillus

A great lactic acid bacterial strain that will add a pleasant tangy sourness. RVA 600 is a pure culture of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG which is found in many commercial probiotic products which have been shown in clinical studies to have many beneficial effects. These are homofermentative (only produces lactic acid, no carbon dioxide or ethanol) and are hop-sensitive. For more pronounces souring add before you add your yeast. You can sour to taste then add a yeast strain to outcompete the bacteria. Again, hop sensitive so easy on them…or dry hop the heck out of it! You may also want to experiment with blending sour low hop beer with an ale strain beer.


per single homebrew unit. Approx. 200 billion cells / 100ml yeast slurry.

Maximum 6 homebrew units per order. For larger orders, international orders or professional brewer pricing, please request a quote.


To preserve freshness, you must choose a shipping option of two days or less. Please see this map for shipping reference.

Shipping includes the cost of an insulated shipping box with ice packs.

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Order prep time may take up to two weeks.