RVA 401 Hefeweizen I

RVA 401 Hefeweizen I produces the famous cloudy wheat beers of Germany. Depending on pitching rate, and temperature, this yeast will favor the production of banana (6 million cells/ml; high temp 73°F +) or clove (12 million cells/ml; low temp 67°F-). Between these temperatures, a mix of each characteristic can be obtained.

  • Flocculation: low
  • Attenuation: 72-76%
  • Suggested fermentation temperature: 67-73° F
  • Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (8%)


per single homebrew unit. Approx. 200 billion cells / 100ml yeast slurry.

Maximum 6 homebrew units per order. For larger orders, international orders or professional brewer pricing, please request a quote.


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Shipping includes the cost of an insulated shipping box with ice packs.

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Order prep time may take up to two weeks.